New, unique, passionate, and alluring—all of these words are synonymous with BEAUTY by Marian Filali, a fresh destination for discovering nich beauty brands worldwide.

Around the world, we see a rapid decrease of generations-old artisan skills, abilities, and creative solutions that would nudge classic brands into the future. Globalization, mass production, and industries of luxury are quickly, and effectively, killing off the creative and unique nature of beauty, replacing it with a cookie-cutter of what they believe beauty should be. We are losing our uniqueness – what makes our beauty ours.

BEAUTY by Marian Filali is fighting back!

Through carefully designed brand pages, we are sharing the knowledge of intricate, beautiful brands—their complete stories, their passions, and their products—as well as the inspirations behind those brands.

Unbeaten paths are the ones BEAUTY by Marian Filali seeks to tread. Artesian, unique things, hidden gems, and unspoiled jewels of the world are what we seek to discover…and then, we share it with you in our magazine.

As a team, we would like to welcome you to the final destination for all niche beauty lovers, as well as those who seek uniqueness, quality, and passion in all aspects of life.

We are www.beautybymarianfilali.com!